Moon and Sea

The moon was born beneath the sky,

She came up from the sea

Rising on the breakers,

With the foam about her feet.

Waves carried her on rolling crests,

And her face began to shine

As her crown of stars gathered,

She stepped into the sky.

The sea then fell behind her,

And gowned in sapphire night

She took her place above the earth,

Looking down with silver eyes.

Though her throne lies in the heavens,

The moon still knows the sea

Her gentle tug upon the tides

Recalls how she came to be.

© 2012, Elizabeth Cook


8 thoughts on “Moon and Sea

      1. Internet connections are amazing! You’re welcome! My brother is a rhyming poet (a hobby), and I love poetry that makes me think! He does my annual holiday letter in rhyme every year (with some tweeking, of course)! Enjoy the day ~ M

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