Grocery Store War

I dreamt last night of a grocery store war

When you were my partner and we stalked the floor

Slipping down aisles, ducking below displays

You a sometime rogue and a sometime mage

Swift to ambush the enemy, or to raise your hands

And with verbal effects take your magical stand

Until we saw another pair in the deadly game

Mirror-made nemeses, even stealing our names

Stealthy to the hunt, heart pulsing, spear low

From the cereal jungle to glass cliffs of snow

Circling one another back to the bakery

We are caught in the open; I choose, I flee

Drawing them away as your spell builds with time

So the inferno descends at the checkout line

Engulfing the enemy, who sigh and concede

By the debit machines we have our victory

We clap backs and laugh, game well-played

And we carry plastic bags out into the rain.

© 2012, Elizabeth Cook

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