“I Wish I Were”

This is from the Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge, to finish a sentence beginning with “I wish I were”:

I wish I were the sun on high

Witness to an eternity

Of twilights falling over Earth

And over humanity

Myself the roiling light that saw

Darkness take on form

Chaos nursing galaxies

While my body warmed

Time in another measure,

If I were this planet’s star

My lifespan made tangible

A light-year near and far

For I would know vast distances

And universal beauties

And after human empire

I would learn what is to be

© 2012, Elizabeth Cook

17 thoughts on ““I Wish I Were”

    1. Thank you for the compliment, I’m glad you liked it! Could I ask how you got to that one of my poems in particular? I’m always curious about how people find what they do 🙂

      1. I read many of them, but this one was particularly meaningful because of my very scientificly minded, yet soulful 13 year-old son. He is light years away from his peers on a very dichotomous front: in that he knows very well that he wants to be a child still, although the rest of them are dying not to be. Yet his soul has always seemed old to me somehow reaching from an early age, “what it is to be.” I understand your perspective, as the sun, comes from a more experienced one, yet the imagery is childlike. In reality, what we are underneath all the experience-laden outward signs of life: is a product of our experiences, many of the profound ones being in our early years.
        I am currently reading Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to my older children: the ghost of Christmas’ past is the most emotional, most touching in many ways… But I digress.

        Look forward to reading more. I love your work!

        All best,

        1. I’m jealous of him, now I wish I had known I wanted to be a child while I was one. Being in a rush to grow up wasn’t fun in the end.

          I listen to a recording of A Christmas Carol on long drives now and then 🙂 It is such a great story!


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