Two O’clock (am) Wish

When the butterfly flits to my brow

And I see all the sages see

Then I will answer to works in Sigma

To regressing reveries

To the matrices now clearly laid

Floating side by side

Their Identity simply appearing

Their Transpose in my mind

Then Beta damp emerging

As from a fractal lake

And in my sphere of theory

Sages shall not find mistakes.

© 2012, Elizabeth Cook


8 thoughts on “Two O’clock (am) Wish

    1. where the rose shall quest next

      “Wunder ist nicht nur im unerkläten
      Überstehen der Gefahr…”*
      -Rainier Maria Rilke

      as once so always dragonflies hover
      dip and soar outside emerald rivers
      yet inside the sapphire womb copulate
      so persephone enchants the lover

      in velvet christens each knight with his name
      still but not yet her ruby heart quivers
      her unknowing clouds he must violate
      truth and beauty are intimate with shame

      these two are ones unafraid of falling
      their passion distilling all that withers
      one hart unwilling not to consecrate
      all in quest to reach the other calling

      the labyrinth is subtle not complex
      love’s contraries inspire more than perplex
      my hart wonders where shall its rose quest next

      mark emmanuel christopher valentine
      (© 22 september 2012)

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