Tea Garden

There is the city

Which runs on scarce time

Where silence in parks

Walks soft and shy

There is the suburb

Where details await

Of pantry and pocket

Of sheets left in the rain


There is the road

Which runs in between

Where one among others

May pass quite unseen

But beyond these places

You will find flowered lanes

Winding ’round an estate

Where tranquility reigns

And there is a garden

Where I sit in the shade

Where you might escape

The sequence of days

So come through the gate

And shed weary nights

Come to take tea

With honey and spice

Β© 2012, Elizabeth Cook


30 thoughts on “Tea Garden

  1. The repetition at the beginning of the first three stanzas has the feel of a children’s rhyme, which gives the piece a certain playful feeling-and the final stanzas seem to have a certain desire to hearken back to simpler places and simpler times, perhaps a “secret garden”, if you will. The piece is wistful without ever descending into a sloppy nostalgia; it’s very fine work.

  2. You bring peace, and the nature is all embraced by you. I can imagine you — integrity of the moment, and silent life to wish and worship the beautiful surrounding. Love it.

    1. I’m really glad you visited and liked my poems! And it’s reassuring to know that someone thinks I have a versatile style, sometimes I wonder if I am repeating myself :S

    1. Thank you very much! You’re welcome, and don’t worry. I’m not a very dedicated blogger (student life doesn’t lend to routine sometimes) and I’m still doing better than expected. You’ll do great if you keep at it!

  3. A lovely poem – full of tantalising detail. For me this works well as an extended metaphor for some kind of Faith or state of Nirvana: it definitely needs reading more than once. Well done!

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