Of Looking Far

From vantage point of mountain ledge

A sunlit view, wide and unimpaired,

As through quiet unstirred waters

Across the great expanse of land and air

To horizons untouched, never quite reached –

The eye casts where the foot may not rest

While the heart catches at promise,

The mind wonders at what it may only guess

At landscapes concealed over distance

At the brazen hints of blurred outlines

Which, in spite of all the sun’s powers,

Adorn the line where earth meets sky

As if by hovering beyond the limits of sight

Hearts of adventure, and dreamers to tantalize

For what is past the horizon cannot be gained,

When with every step made it flies away

At a pace swifter than any might give chase

Its figure hidden through the clear bright air

A lure leading, leading without effort

Any who might the far-flung dare.

© 2012, Elizabeth Cook


14 thoughts on “Of Looking Far

    1. Thank you! I thought it was really cool how you identified a person as ‘rags’ in your earlier post, and in your latest post, Untitled, I was wondering if both halves are about the same person. Whether the second half occurs before or after the first

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