Says, “I Love You”

Car keys gone, a twenty too

The living room in shambles

Water drenches the bathroom

Abandoned clothing in a scatter

Dirty dishes left out of water

Hours later she steps through the door

Her shoes leaving mud on the floor

Says, “I love you”

A child’s shrug, a toss of the hair

The distasteful is dismissed

No matter what is there

Quick to give the brightest smile

She can erase a hundred miles

Making up hours of frustration

In seconds of dedication—

Says “I love you”

Angel face, inconstant conscience

She’s me,  now, indulgence

Her desires turn the universe

But never necessarily evil

You would swear she’s good until

It comes to short-term fun and gains

When something lasting is in the way

Says, “I love you”

And does it anyhow, anyway

Borrowed T-shirt, borrowed beer

Food out of the freezer

A favourite belt disappeared.

Meaning well, she’ll give it back

Just so long as she doesn’t lose track

And when her memory runs amiss

Her laugh, her eyes, invite forgiveness

Says, “I love you”

And in the end still you stay

Smiling at her angel face

So continue making excuses

For her ever frequent lapses

When she says “I love you”

© 2012, Elizabeth Cook


36 thoughts on “Says, “I Love You”

          1. Well, it means when the heart is in pain,
            and the mind says life is a game,
            and when we got no reason to smile,
            the soul seems hollow, dying every while.
            As if there is no one for oneself
            soul seems dying like hell.

            That’s it. 😀

            1. Yes…I did.
              I know, it might not perfectly be the point of your post, but in this world full of problems, worries, tensions, frustrations and ill, our dying soul needs some small small signs of love to know, “someone still cares”
              doesn’t it? 😀

    1. I’m pretty sure I have been guilty of it too, and will no doubt be a victim sometime in the future. Do you have a way of dealing with it? Been thinking I could use advice in advance 🙂

      1. Hinting little responses to “I love you”:
        …enough to keep your room cleaned up?
        …enough to help with taking the trash out?
        Just build on these ideas. It’ll come to you when you need it.

    1. Thanks, and I really liked your poem, “mothers dream”. Speaking of the beach, do you live somewhere that is warm right now? If so I am jealous – Ontario is getting really chilly at the moment!

  1. Excellent poem! I was thinking of my kids as I was reading it. They say “I love you” with actions, like a hug, so I can’t respond with any pithy comments about keeping their rooms clean. I’ve been outmaneuvered!

    1. Thank you! Haha are they young enough that they might feel guilty about it one day, and hopefully stop? I’m hoping I’ve stopped putting my parents through this sort of trouble!

      1. They are all teenagers, so not likely! Although, after my previous week of crazy cleaning my two oldest (17 & 19 and male) have started to completely gut their room, throw stuff away and clean it all on their own. We’re up to 3 1/2 garbage bags and they just started. So, there is hope!

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