Anniversary of Winter

A year and a half, count me the days

Let them touch my fingertips before you blow them away

Though you cannot, I would go back and stay;

Or take something from then, if not to remain

A year and a half, count me the tides

That washed us in anger and washed us in pride

The waters that have and will, many times,

Beat me into the beaches under evening skies

A year and a half, count me the waves

Crests that rise in and out of calm days;

Passing nights on a wind whispering pain

To drive currents into storms upon flights of rain

A year and a half, count me the sights

Whether of old land or new, varied hints of respite;

Hope to beach as embarked, or else for my

Step from the waves in a place foreign and bright

Too long now, oh count me the waste

Of indifference and passion our times sparely chased

We a figment past, a cloying and lingering taste,

Clasped by a belt of days and space.

© 2012, Elizabeth Cook

Picture from The Guardian.

20 thoughts on “Anniversary of Winter

  1. A beautiful poem!

    “A year and a half, count me the tides
    That washed us in anger and washed us in pride”

    A stunning pearl from an ocean of them, although to pick out just one is unfair to the rest.

    Thank you, Lily!

    1. Thank you! It’s one I really hesitated about posting.

      Haha I don’t think it is unfair. Don’t you think it is interesting to see which particular words matter most to different people? 🙂


      1. Poems, I think are sort of like children. You finish them the best you can and send them out in the world to fend for themselves. That is when you see them not as your creation any more but as they are re-created by others when they read them for themselves. To my mind, anyone who loves a poem owns part of it, and they may think of it in a totally different way then the author. And God bless them for cherishing something that you created.


        1. An apt description; they definitely aren’t created equal. When I think of how other people probably think of some words in a totally different way than I do, I sometimes get worried that things I write could be construed in a bad way! But its worth the risk 🙂


  2. I got caught up in this poem and enjoyed riding along with it through the rhymes and sweet metaphors. Also, i revisited your post “smuggler” and re-blogged it. had to enjoy it again and share it 🙂

  3. I loved being tossed around by the waves of emotion and recollection that were so skillfully described here. I wonder if the images of water calmed your fire as you tried and succeeded to record painful memories?

    1. Thank you for the wonderful compliment! Well they didn’t calm me, really. In my case dwelling on something or writing about it only stirs feelings up again, but anyway, sometimes you just can’t help it.

      I’m glad people seem to like this poem, I worried that it wasn’t very relatable!

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