Fairy Tale

She sits with a tilted hip

In the posture of romance

Practiced down to fingertips

Through literature and dance

She thumbs pages in her head

Adopting Sleeping Beauty

Or lips imagined to be red

In a Snow White fantasy

And by turns she will believe

Her hair brushes the floor

Rapunzel in her tower keep

Awaiting him once more

Should she take to a carpet

Jasmine bold on starry nights

Her waist would still be set

So very lithe and slight

And should she take a sword

Not a muscle might grow or change

As slim Mulan she would laugh

And would her general awaitย 

For she can wear the gown of Belle

With manners sweet as Nausicaa

She is perfection in a hidden dell

The tiny form of Thumbelina

So she waltzes on dainty feet

Fit for enchanted landscapes

Her blemishes made discrete

Enough to shrink and fade

She sits and paints herself

With shapes from many stories

With the figure of a sylph

And other things imaginary

ยฉ 2012 Elizabeth Cook


24 thoughts on “Fairy Tale

  1. The Princess’s and Queens of every mans dreams were I only a Prince you could be my Queen! Lovely poem and thank you for sharing it. Smiles and dreams are always a great thing when shared they are better thank you again.

  2. I adore this. Your touch with the pen is light and deft, and the topic so whimsical and fun. Still, it has a poignancy… I invite you to have a giggle and peruse a limerick series I wrote titled: “Fairy Tale Hive” over at “my place”. I think you’ll get a kick.

      1. oh the last 3 are locked–but if you can get to the first, there is a link through the next 8 at the bottom of each limerick. The series is under review so I have to keep it suspenseful, haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Your writing with this poem is an excellent “capture” of how adulterated the women in fairy tales have become, thanks to Disney. Have you read any essays on fairy tales by Marina Warner? If not, I think you might find her perspective interesting. Great work.

    1. Thank you – I’m a pretty small person myself, but I look at the Disney princesses in total despair. So how do girls who aren’t petite feel? Probably horrible.

      I haven’t read them, but I’ll be sure to look her up now that I have heard about her!


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