Parallel Outlet: 1

Fish, bananas, pajamas, and a mysterious disappearance.

Parallel Outlet will be for re-blogs, hopefully every Thursday from now on.  The poem linked below is from Julia Dean-Richards at A Place for Poetry, and it brought a silly grin to my face. I really admire the humour (which really made it stand out for me), the choice of rhymes, and the skilled use of repetition in her post. You will meet Cedric, Gertrude, and Frank, and hear a story for which no rational explanation is handy.

You know those very odd things that can happen sometimes? The pen behind your ear gone without a sign? That person you just passed in the hall, who you could swear passed you a minute ago? They must have run up Stair A and down Stair B and back to the front entrance without seeming out of breath – or you are crazy.

They say bizarre situations often have simple explanations, but without a physicist to enlighten you, a bizarre conclusion may be the most sane.

So read the hilarious fish poem below, and if you are a physicist (or just really clever) please tell us how this was possible.

Frankly Bizarre


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