18 thoughts on “At Last

        1. Wow you were an air traffic controller? That is such a stressful job!

          I’m in an economics of regulation class and the topic I chose for my research paper was the difference in productivity between Canadian and American airlines 🙂

          1. From my perspective, the answer is easy, Lily. We have more airlines than they do. The problems for US airlines are marketing, productive routes, and reliable equipment, not to mention labor, both in the air and on the ground. Not an expert, but have been close enough to the industry to know some of the major problems they deal with. Have fun with this one. There are tons of studies and statistics out there. As to the stress, for me, it was just a job I did, like any other person’s job. You just put on your hat and go to work in the morning (or afternoon, or evening)

            1. The fun thing about economics studies is that they are so vague, I handed in my paper without feeling that I know much more about the industry! But I thought air traffic controllers needed lots of breaks? At least at Air Canada it sounds like it is a stressful job, haha

  1. The holidays have me feeling so very frazzled that I forgot to post when I performed this reblog! Thanks much for the visit. I feel remiss that I am not spending as much time this month investigating the sites of those I follow.

  2. Wrestle with it, argue with it, fight with it, get mad with it. Pick it up, throw it to the ground, kick it around a bit and then pick it up telling it you forgive it for all it’s petulant ways. Then smile at it and stab it through the heart with a steel tipped pen and nail it down on some white paper, the better to display it. That usually does it to tame even the wildest ones.

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