Christmas Maiden

In white she smells of snowdrops

Or of the mistletoe’s pale berries

Then donning a cape of red and gold

She is the poinsettia and the holly

Her hair of brown, her hair of gold

Glitters with tinsel and stars of ice

Crowning her in season’s charms

Ushering cheer and fireside nights

And when she walks upon the snow

Not a trace mars white perfection

Whilst firs clad in light and colour

Reflect her gay complexion

© 2012 Elizabeth Cook

On the Wing

Chased through the day by Arabian knights

From the dunes to a dock, to a deck I alight

One of sweet solid beams and sails like gold

In the catching of the sun, noon-high and bold

And with a creak of the keel out we sail

As I dance up the rigging, a spiderweb trail Continue reading “On the Wing”


When I remake this city

He shall be at its heart

As the pillars that I crumble

Frame him in vain art

As the cornerstones groan

Beneath my every step

As the temples are leveled

But their filigree kept

The canals will run straight

When I move my hand

The statues will shatter

And the libraries stand

When I remake this city

It will gleam sharp and white

And he will be buried

In marble, deep inside.

© 2012 Elizabeth Cook

Parallel Outlet: 2

“Some saw only a pauper/ But I beheld a king”

The following poem by Paul is short and touching, and it reminds me of how powerful simplicity can be in poetry. He tells a story in three verses which your imagination automatically fleshes out with faces, gestures and expressions, a setting…

I imagined an old European city, maybe a particularly narrow street paved in stones, where the characters meet.

Love poems are not my forte, but because of this poem, Riches, I would like to create a love story in poetry some day.

Siren Song

Come stand close and follow me,

To where shells and sand

Embrace sunkissed seas.

Our hands touch where those two meet,

As the tides ebb and flow

Across the glittering beach.

Into the water, if you dare follow me

Ripples of light over skin,

And shells cold under feet.

Calm and quiet wait in the sea

Along the sandy floor

Move into the deep.

Surf overhead now farther away,

Drift below the coral reefs—

And stay forever beneath the waves.

© 2012, Elizabeth Cook