In the Dark

Slanted square of silver light

Stars falling through glass night

Myriad noises, house creaking

No heartbeat but a hand ticking

Dark hush, smell of suspense

The hour is late, the quiet is tense

When all starts— broken apart

By a cuckoo in the dark.

© 2012, Elizabeth Cook

33 thoughts on “In the Dark

  1. Lovely. I wish I had your talent for maintaining rhythm and flow, as seen here. It’s daytime here but for a moment it felt like midnight 🙂

    1. Oh, thank you! But I have listened to, or read many other poems that have a rhythm and flow that I wish I could emulate. I really appreciate your comment!

  2. Funny, I took the poem differently. (But then again, I’ve always been an oddball.) It sounded to me like you were reveling in the suspense and aura of mystery, and that the cuckoo was the one who insanely, and rudely, broke the mood.

    1. I think it is like that too. Looking out on a starry night, with just faint sounds from the house around you, feeling that there is something – and then the cuckoo! But I would find it hard to be mad at the little bird, despite the interruption 🙂

    1. I happened to come across that picture when I was on a Google search, and I knew I had to use it! Thanks for the kind feedback! Were those your favourite lines?

          1. that does not matter. I was just curious. I am trying to “integrate” different forms of art. The word of course rules, but if i can add sound and visual arts, it feels even better. Gesamtkunstwerk (in German). There is good stuff out there in the public domain. art should never be a matter of budget. Ihave a camera but can’t use it (blush). anyway… cheers

            1. I do like incorporating visual art with poetry when my poem isn’t so specific, or so abstract, that it would be a stretch to find the right image. I really like that expression, “Gesamtkunstwerk”!

              Well soon I will get my phone repaired and have a camera on that, but I would argue I can’t use it well either 🙂


    1. Thank you! 🙂 I’m curious, “At Last” and “In the Dark” are pretty different; I know which one is my favourite of the two, but which do you like more?

      1. Hi Ily, While I love “At Last” because it’s so funny and telling, “In the Dark” sucks me in to a place I love to be – and that sky!!!

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