To All Manner of School Work

And to the other students out there:

I close my eyes to thee forthwith,

Troubles abounding in thy lines

Thou motley-hided reading list

Thou scourge of sweet, free time;

Devil of nightly and waking dreams

Oh dark demon of labour assigned

Thou puling, ever-wretched being

Vile harbinger of deadlines nigh

Thou art naught but scum beneath

These varied sorts upon my desk

And any moment for the teeth

Of a worthy shredder, at my behest.

Hide thee well, misbegotten thing

Thou compilation of works and woes

Calling for numbers or anything

Wherein a thesis must be wrote;

So turn tail, forgotten creature!

And in thy shadowy heart know

I serve my own end, pleasure

And shall not study— ‘til tomorrow.

© 2012, Elizabeth Cook

I have to take some time off from WordPress thanks to exams, so here’s hoping I can keep an attitude as cheeky as this poem until I’m free. Exam-despair is never attractive! Thank you to everyone who has been reading. 

19 thoughts on “To All Manner of School Work

  1. School was where I learned to watch a clock with diligence
    Work was where i learned to clock in with diligence
    Not a lot of difference really 😀

  2. Good Luck. And for what it’s worth, it’s practically impossible to flunk a final if you did well all along. Breathe. This is just a blip on your life line. 🙂

    1. Thank you, I’m glad to say it would be impossible for me to flunk any of my courses, but my marks will count toward grad school applications! Best to be relaxed though 🙂

    1. Haha I have actually never read any Keats! I would much prefer it, though, to the papers, lecture notes, and practice problems that I am reading… Oh well, perhaps over Christmas!

  3. Ah though it was another lifetime I remember the experience well and wish you the best. Stay positive. See you back here when you’ve finished exams.

  4. Finals are a pain in the behind for sure! I remember talking my daughter through her finals so she wouldn’t completely freak out. she was in med. school and they would scare them to death. When she finally was able to get a job, I’ll never forget her calling me to complain about how much of HER money was pulled out for taxes, soc. sec, fica, etc… So you do finally make $, but you just don’t get to actually keep much… LOL 😀

    1. I’m definitely thankful not to be writing med school finals right now! Haha well that’s the way things go, I guess, I’ll enjoy my tax credits while I’m still in school and writing these exams 🙂

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