For Achanae

Achanae, in sheer golds and greens

Do you still linger there for me?

Your palla the colours of your isle

Your promise to bide, if for a while

Whilst I wander ever south and west

At whim and wonder’s soft behest

With they two lovers, surely you know

Any return to your isle must be slow

Yet of you, Achanae, I often think

Upon rising and laying down to sleep

Of golds and greens amid olive trees

And of dark tresses left long and free

So linger Achanae, linger for me

Thus paying a homage to my dream

Of your scented arms, of your eyes

Hesitating, then bold and bright

Linger, maiden, out on your isle

As I roam without counting the miles

Perhaps to appear again one day

Should my feet no longer wish to stray

Next: For Ania

Together, these poems tell the story of Achanae and Ania

© 2012 Elizabeth Cook

9 thoughts on “For Achanae

  1. Another wonderful work of literary art, Lily. Words are definitely your paintbrush.
    I must confess to being somewhat challenged when it comes to “linking” and other processes on WP but I want to thank you so much for honoring my humble blog with the award you have sent to me. Thank you so much !!!

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