That Will Never Be

I long for a meeting that may never be

I long for a parting that will never pass

And in this restless world a-gleaming

It is my guide, my hope, my cast

Of gossamer lines to draw from seas

What dwells ever in the dregs of sleep

In looks and laughs, known yet unseen

Their dearness fraught impossibly

By moments that may never be

So flatter my wish, you who read,

For a soul that might my thoughts reveal

In perfect warmth and sympathy

Drawing near despite a steadfast reel

And walking in utter ease with me

Ours a winding path, yet steps agree

Made kindred as when strangers we

Each conjured a figment’s company

Longing for a meeting that will never be


© 2012 Elizabeth Cook

14 thoughts on “That Will Never Be

  1. This reminds me of when you meet someone and you instantly love them, and how fragile that becomes because of it. You want to be friends forever, but that which causes this desire makes it nearly impossible.

  2. You always seem surprised at compliments about your writing skills, Lily. What I’ve seen since I started following you has been great and keeps getting better. This piece has the rythm of a poem and the lyricism of a song. Beautful either way.

    1. I’m glad if I’m improving, I think that for a long time in high school nothing about my writing got any better! And I have actually always wished that I could make music, or lyrics, or some small piece that goes into a song, since music matters so much to people


  3. i mourn your wish, which dwell ever in the dregs of sleep…a meeting that will never be? well you already met, remember? you were in the company of conjured figments; he/she/it dwells in your thoughts. nice piece

    1. Or was I in their thoughts? 🙂 I was thinking, maybe it’s possible that I could be the answer to another’s meeting, even while I am looking for my own.

      Thank you very much for reading and commenting!


  4. Thank you for visiting feelingjoy and liking my poem ~ voices. I enjoyed reading your poem…That Will Never Be…as well as eating good food.

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