For Aurélie

Stay your course, now do not trim

Your sails to reach me drifting

I want neither warmth nor rescue

From the autumn waves’ crashing

But to know the great and empty cold

Of the sea seeping through my body

To look upon the final visage of

Heaven and water’s wedded unity

For my bridal suit is yellowing

In a chest of cedar, miles away

With flowers from my darling fair

Pressed and preserved against decay

I want neither warmth nor rescue

I have chosen the coffin of the sea

For there is no precious Aurélie

Waiting in the window for me

© 2012 Elizabeth Cook

34 thoughts on “For Aurélie

  1. Astonishing, your poem has “epic” proportions! 🙂 May it even be so that you know how to sail. Well then you are always welcome aboard my Sailing Yacht 🙂

    1. Oh thank you! I wish I knew how to sail, I’ve been on boats and few times and just love it – despite how easily I get sunburned out on the water!

    1. This is really encouraging, thank you! Your post “Amelia, Young Amelia” really tickled my imagination, by the way. That hint at a story with that picture – I really liked it!


      1. It was inspired by a feeling, the feeling of a journey, of feeling lost and yet still going somewhere, of the wandering heart. It wasn’t directly inspired by something specific, so it’s a bit hard to describe, but I’m glad you like it! 🙂

      1. You are quite welcome. One wishes for a vocabulary as large as Shakespeare, or an Education as fine as Keats; however one must make due with what one has and build from there. As a “hard science guy” so to speak, I am at a deficit, however as a musician, I am, perhaps, less so at the task of creating sound.

        In any case, I do love writing sonnets.

        1. That is so very true! I should read more Shakespeare, and am deficient in never having read Keats. You know, I think that empirical learning can somehow lend something to poetry – but of course being a musician would be key!

          I’m glad that you write and share them!


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