The Plunge

I’ve taken the plunge and made a Facebook page for this blog – partially because if I reach 30 “Likes” I get access to these cool statistics and things.

Apparently. I hope they aren’t just baiting me.

Serial Outlet on Facebook – “Like” at your own peril, and my delight 🙂

15 thoughts on “The Plunge

  1. Hi Lily,
    I get statistics on WP and didn’t go to Facebook. Look at the top left of the page after you log on. There should be a small WP symbol. Double click on it and it gives you a page of options for Reader, Stats, My Blog, Notifications, Settings. Is FB offering something more???

    1. Yeah the stats on WordPress are awesome, and I’m really curious about what Facebook will have! Because I have no idea – this is a little adventure, another way to try and interact with people about writing 🙂


      1. Me either to be frank with you. I just transferred my old one “baseball” to its new owner and starting over is a tough hill to climb. Especially for a personal blog. But then again, 3 years from now I do not want to STOP what I’m doing to WHINE! 🙂

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