Man in a Coffin

Tell me of your underworld

When you take me to Zanzibar

Speak truisms to a shadow

As I slip into the water

I’ll form a fleet with strangers

Taking colours in their race

Delivery by tropic mafia

Children at a child’s pace

The box of pine we carry

On a cliffside beach will open

Spilling seasalt sand from

A tall man’s heavy coffin

Uncovered and softly prodded

He’ll blink as if he only slept

Curls fit for a silver screen

And from film maybe he leapt

For he simply disappears

As we forget and paddle on

His revival a memory

So queer, it can’t stay long

© 2012 Elizabeth Cook

12 thoughts on “Man in a Coffin

  1. Very interesting, and the photo, did you go on holiday there? The place looks very serene.

    Thanks for viewing Savor the Food. You commented that you bookmarked several recipes. I am delighted you found some to be appealing to your palate.

    Was you able to explore the Recipes page? I have close to 200 recipes of all types: from desserts to side dish, sauce or dressing, soup and salad. Oh and of course, the main course, dinners. 🙂

    I invite you to follow Savor the Food. With a delectable plate from Savor the Food, a good choice of wine and the nectarous readings from Serial Outlet. 🙂

    You can lose a bookmark but not a notice to your e-mail when a new post is out. We would always appreciate your comments and readership.

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more posts of Lily’s ingenuity with her cleverness and originality.

    Chef Randall

    1. Sadly I had to Google pictures of Zanzibar as a proxy! I’d love to go, though.

      Yes, I bookmarked a few! I haven’t had time to explore that page yet, I mainly looked at the recent posts, but I’ll be back 😛 I don’t cook new things often but I may as well follow, haha

      Hopefully I can keep things clever here for you!


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