Parallel Outlet: 6

“…at last the band attained bright summit
looked past the clouds across the land
lives braided beaded into a unit
this strange and varied merry band”

The thought came immediately – I want to see this poem as a movie.

Sonnet in my Bonnet, by Brad at beyond the event horizon, tells of a band coming together. Perhaps because of the language I was transported back to the days of lyres and pipes and harps, and I arrived at a time and setting like the Lord of the Rings. Where like some medieval tale the improbable characters would meet, in a land that was still more natural than human.

This sounds so simplistic, and the poem is not. Through wonderful rhymes, using words I had forgotten about, the story Brad tells is full of hints, metaphors, and fantastical imagery.

I really enjoyed Brad’s descriptions of the different members of the band. I give you the flutist, and for the full band be sure to visit his poem!

“…on her flute she played the gamut
hoping merry mice would be led
discoursing every tenuous tenet
and tucked the theories into bed…”

12 thoughts on “Parallel Outlet: 6

        1. poetic posting is such fun
          threaded from fine filament
          rich hues imbued as pigment
          so colorful tales are spun
          sometimes layered like pastry
          but can words be truly tasty?

          1. And so I am quite mystified,
            Turned about and electrified
            By author and by turn of phrase
            Formless voice and formless face
            Whose art is so light to devise
            A repartee in test of rhyme

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