Look for him when the cicadas fade

When the seedpods come unbound

When with every breath and every rain

The fan-shaped leaves fall down

© 2012 Elizabeth Cook

31 thoughts on “Returning

      1. Haha thank you, sadly again the image is not mine – I am in the middle of a city for the duration of the school year! Oh well, I am glad that you liked it!

        I appreciate your visits and comments 🙂


  1. In this piece you allow me to hear your words. This is quite unique – on reading and re-reading I hear in each line cicada, podplop, raindrop, leaf-flutter. Beautifully done. You are an accomplished poet.

    1. Oh, this is embarrassing, I was doing iambic meter? Thank you very much, both for the compliment and for letting me know! I should check this meter out


    1. Oh really? That’s not good. I noticed my Facebook follow button was a bit buggy, but the Follow Widget appears fine. If I cannot even see the problem that is true cause for concern.

      Thank you for letting me know, and of course, for following! I appreciate it 🙂


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