Daily Prompt: Right to Health

Should the government or the private sector provide access to healthcare?

I would prefer a mixed system, and this is why:

The question could apply to the provision of health insurance and/or to health services. Let us first assume health insurance.

Without going into the math, there is a line of reasoning as to why unregulated private health insurance would not cover an entire population. Continue reading “Daily Prompt: Right to Health”

Parallel Outlet: 6

“…at last the band attained bright summit
looked past the clouds across the land
lives braided beaded into a unit
this strange and varied merry band”

The thought came immediately – I want to see this poem as a movie.

Sonnet in my Bonnet, by Brad at beyond the event horizon, tells of a band coming together. Perhaps because of the language I was transported back to the days of lyres and pipes and harps, and I arrived at a time and setting like the Lord of the Rings. Where like some medieval tale the improbable characters would meet, in a land that was still more natural than human. Continue reading “Parallel Outlet: 6”

For Aurélie

Stay your course, now do not trim

Your sails to reach me drifting

I want neither warmth nor rescue

From the autumn waves’ crashing

But to know the great and empty cold

Of the sea seeping through my body

To look upon the final visage of

Heaven and water’s wedded unity

For my bridal suit is yellowing

In a chest of cedar, miles away

With flowers from my darling fair

Pressed and preserved against decay

I want neither warmth nor rescue

I have chosen the coffin of the sea

For there is no precious Aurélie

Waiting in the window for me

© 2012 Elizabeth Cook