Kisses in the Dark

Never call for me, o temptress fair

Of face and breath as summer air

But in shadow keep a nightime song

A lure to your warmth, that I walk on

My secret and my treasured shame

Lie in your hair and in your name

Beneath the streetlamps’ fading glow

I love to kiss you in the shadows

© 2013 Elizabeth Cook

22 thoughts on “Kisses in the Dark

    1. Thank you, Paul! I wrote it when I was thinking about a story – I’m afraid I’ve been reading a lot of regency romances lately. Mindless escape from this last semester 🙂


    1. I went from thinking of the quiet shadows outside of a bar, to how many kisses must have been stolen in streets on nights throughout the years. I’m glad that it sounded charming!

      Thanks again for visiting! I love food, so it’s easy to love your blog

      1. oh, i could tell. i happen to enjoy romantic prose and poetry too. when i was younger, i thought i was born in the wrong century. 🙂

        i posted a story today you might like, the beginning of a series about my memories and experiences in Brooklyn during the ’60’s.

        write on.

        1. I still sometimes think I was born in the wrong century! Jane Austen’s books always suck me in.

          I’ve been away for a bit, but I’ll visit your site and find it 🙂


          1. heh, i was about to mention Austen, almost wrote it. thanks for the validation.

            glad you’re back and writing. i do that sometimes too when i’m involved in a piece. i absolutely can’t read anything else until i know it’s finished.

            :::quirk::: ;-}

            1. Haha sadly what I am most involved in right now is my undergrad seminar paper. But I don’t think that’s so quirky, it’s hard to move between pieces!


            2. that would be a difficult transition, oh and for the record, quirk is all good in my universe. :-}

              i’m in that mode now, starting a new poem and true to form i have to have the title and pics set before i write.:::quirk:::

              thanks so much for the likes on the Brooklyn series Lily, i’ll read your new work later this weekend.

            3. It is a difficult transition indeed! Well that’s a neat way of starting a poem. I found your stories from Brooklyn really interesting, full of colour and great character descriptions 🙂


            4. it’s not just poetry, it’s anything i write. sometimes i start with an image, sometimes word combinations i read spark a story. nonetheless the title informs the ending and the pics provide texture.

              i appreciate that a lot. i began writing those Bklyn. stories last year and i’m editing them now. it’s odd reading previous work, sometimes a little ‘ geez, how could you structure a sentence like that?. painful too. LOL.

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