Des années d’or

La Belle Époque m’a dit:

Que vous êtes folle, ma chère petite,

En vos paroles des années d’or!

Quand chaque moment est le devant

Je suis toujours, autrefois

© 2013 Elizabeth Cook

– photo of Zelda Fitzgerald

8 thoughts on “Des années d’or

    1. Haha that’s how I felt in France! They don’t much like Quebec French, and I only have some high school classes under my belt.

      Something about Zelda Fitzgerald made me want to write this in French, though 🙂


  1. i need an interpreter – i have no voice so it matters not what language i speak – i suppose i can just fake it – i often pretend i am deaf just to listen to what may be said – the best way to fake it is a smile – a sly smile – a frown – a scowl – or in the case of deaf – a blank page look
    and thank you for visiting my blog – this woman is drawing volumes of words from my well of my soul

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