Red – Romance

Red is for Romance – and just before I wrote this, I had a fitting dream


I crossed a gorge with my finger through one of countless rings, strung onto wires running over the abyss. Each wire hung over a metal track so narrow that one would surely fall without a ring. It was dim, the walls of the mountain encircling the crossing-place, but the baubles that dangled from each pair of rings glittered brightly.

I can’t remember my companions, who were either hulking shapes or slender, loud ones. But a hulking shape put his finger through the ring next to mine, and with one foot planted tiptoe on my track, I glided to the far ledge. Held up by nothing but a ring and a wire.

There was a rocky trail beyond, where I found strangers and people from years past. Laughing, I dashed past them or flicked them aside, forging ahead on the trail. They complained (albeit in good humour) that I was playing unfairly – they could not catch me.

Their complaints were a challenge and stone softened to grass, though the mountains still hovered in the background. We fell into a circle and bandied wits until we drifted apart.

And suddenly, he picked me up. He and I were alone on a curving green at the top of the world, bathed in sunlight and an easy breeze, altocumulus in the blue, blue sky seeming a mere ceiling’s height over my head.

He picked me up to dance, and to dance was to float. After the first steps I did not touch the ground anymore; with his chest and arms as my only connection to the grass, I was lifted high enough to see the curving edge of that field in the sky. Held up against him, the wind made me as much a part of the air as the earth.

When the dance drew to an end, in the moment before he let me down I avoided his kiss with a laugh. And he, too, took it in good humour. His own delight was enough to make a kiss refused into a kiss that might be.

I woke up before my feet reached the ground, giddy and thinking that if he reached for me again I would be in his arms, floating, in the blink of an eye.


The dream felt like a medley of scenes from shows and stories, and I wish I were still dreaming. Its romance grew positively brilliant when I was dancing atop the world. And although most romances are unrealistic, whether they are perfect fairy tales or $2 escapes to passion, I cannot resist a good one.

Delightful, titillating, and sweet, romance often means narrow worlds peopled by stereotypes, conducive to impossible hopes for real-life romance. But if I know the genre’s faults and still love it, isn’t that true love like the stories say?

Enough silliness – here are three romances (no smut!) that stand out in my memory, which I did not find simple or unduly unrealistic. They cross with comedy, mystery, and drama.

  • Penelope – Anya Wylde – $0.89: the comedy. This is a regency romance, but “madcap” is an excellent description; a goat figures in this book! Spunky and satirical beneath the period polish, this is just plain fun.
  • Hyouka – Kyoto Animation – free: the mystery. The romance here grows over time, and it is a sweet one, building perfectly through a visually stunning story. For these characters, whom I came to love, there are mysteries large and small to be found in everyday life.

  • The Grand Sophy – Georgette Heyer – $8.64: the drama. Regency romance originated with Georgette Heyer, and her prose is excellent. Sophy is lovable and admirable, with a wonderful sense of humour and determination.

3 thoughts on “Red – Romance

  1. I’m confused…, but at my age that’s an easy thing to do. The title is “Red Romances”, but the only colors mentioned anywhere in the body of your post are green and blue. Somehow, I had expected a dissertation on RED. Silly me !!!!!! 🙂

    1. Red makes me think of romance, and then I had this dream – so I thought I’d do something a bit different from the post on blue! I know its confusing but I was having fun 😛


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