The Man with the Unfocused Eye

“This is my raft”, he told me

The man with the unfocused eye

To the horizon he smiled gently

And clung fast to his chair’s sides.

“I found wrongdoings elsewhere,

So I have chosen my confines

Though progress builds her gilded stair,

As the days blur into times.


“You might tell me of fair reckonings,

In a world ever made anew

Of real places and sheer dreamings,

In art both rendered true.

You might tell me of glass cities

Towering giants against the blue

Delights lost on heady breezes,

Across beaches I never knew.

“There are wonders, this I know

But each year the lilacs fade

My adventures fall to ghosts,

And my hurts are not repaid.

This is my raft, this is my cave,

My cell, if it please you so;

I left my glasses upon a grave,

And I have nowhere else to go.”


He closed his eyes, still clinging,

To the chair though it had gone

It was that lonesome edge of being

Where the night awaits the dawn.

8 thoughts on “The Man with the Unfocused Eye

  1. Reblogged this on the Book of Pain and commented:
    Elizabeth may well be the first poet I followed on wordpress…a decision I have never regretted. Her poetry is always delightfully interesting and seems whimsical and light, but there is always a core of ice cold clarity and heartfelt emotion there, if you have the courage and sensitivity to find it. This is her latest poem and I LOVE it.

    1. Thank you so much, John, it means a lot to have you re-blog me! I should give Days of Future Past and The Lacuna some credit, I watched the movie and finished the book just before writing this


    1. Hi Paul 🙂 I’m sorry I ran away from WordPress again, and that I’m only responding now. I actually wrote this poem right after watching Xmen: Days of Future Past! I was thinking about Professor Xavier and it abstracted from there…

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