It’s a Trap

It seems that war combined with matchmaking is a winning strategy in turn-based strategy games.

Strange? But the scores of hours that I’ve spent on Fire Emblem in the past month, and the game’s extremely vibrant shipping communities (“shipping” being the practice or pastime of insisting that two particular characters belong together romantically), speak for themselves. Making couples becomes a real obsession!

Now I am wondering why I never imagined a game like this before. Story, strategy, and intricate character design make a veritable cauldron for interpersonal drama! Let’s make some marriages before the next fight!

Plus its great to imagine all the guys who play this game getting swoony or worked up over their favourite couples. Me? I wish that they had the option for same-sex couples, because, man, those Libra x Virion support conversations… Too perfect.

(Virion is a dandy who flirts with every female he meets and Libra is a cleric who looks remarkably female – more than one character comments on his lovely skin. So when Virion first meets Libra and mistakes him for an eminently desirable woman… I could go on at length, but you can probably see where this is headed.)

8 thoughts on “It’s a Trap

  1. All these hours of strategy and restarting a stage to save your characters from dying needs a balance. The balance of course is something small and fun that can make the battle strategies have a bit more meaning by trying to ship everything that moves.

      1. God I don’t think I have the energy to see all the possible relationships, so much work to see all the good ones!

          1. It hurts more when you expect the relationship to be more loving and it feels so synthetic and awkward. Bruh I just put up with the most ridiculous boss for the 5th time, kiss or get lost!

            1. I was planning to play it again to get the most romantic relationships rather than the optimal, but it may be too much for me -.-

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