Desert Journey by LoopyWanderer

Do not be deceived; this world is nothing more

Than a desert

Once, great beings walked here

Long before we were born

Now, even the green places must be counted dry

Shifting, and empty

For They were as water

And we live without memory of Rain

Elizabeth Cook, 2015

Image created by LoopyWanderer

4 thoughts on “Rain

    1. I am doing well, and how are you? Sadly I’ve been writing a lot less poetry because I would like to publish a novel around my next birthday – and there’s so little time!

    1. I think what’s happened is that I’ve discovered how little time there is in an “adult” person’s day! I’ve been devoting my writing time to the novel that I’d like to publish around my next birthday rather than blogging :S Have things been good with you?

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