Riddle of the Sixth Day

No lack of justice fair to blind

The heart still beating, held alight

In fires of Goliath’s lay

There the captive watcher’s plight

I am in silence; my fellow men

Care nothing for all that has been

And that is, and that will be

In suffering their comfort’s ken

Not to speak and yet to bleed

Rent, until past selves recede

And then diminished, though it were

The meat of human flourishing

Yet I dare not cry indignity

At what daily deals in apathy –

My anger would be lead to plead

Until they turned their backs on me

Were it that my heart would let

Me know their callous peace, and rest

If for a moment, if for a day

The ever-present taint forget

Through thoughts and words and varied shades

Of all we share and all we trade

It dogs me where mirth should abound

Calm uphold, and surrender fade


Elizabeth Cook, 2016

Image: Nocturne in Black and Gold – The Falling Rocket by James Abbott McNeill Whistler


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