10 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Poetry for me isn’t for others as much as for myself. It’s an expression of my thoughts, insights and struggles. If someone connects to something I wrote wonderful, but poetry has never been something that exists to impress anyone. It exists because poets exist. I am a poet, it’s just part of my identity.

    1. I was thinking about the way that people used to discuss poetry (not their own poetry so much as poetry in general) the same way you’d talk about your favourite TV shows today

      1. Oh, I still do that. I love reading poetry, but mostly I love thinking about what lines resonate with me. I like gathering up the best phrasing and mulling it over for the rest of the week. Poetry is like a diary for me. I love to play. I use to spend a lot of time talking about poems that meant the most to me. I see your point though. People don’t discuss them as much.

        I like to take a favorite poem and write a poem as a tribute to that work. It forces me to spend time thinking about what made me like the poem and come up with my own piece that shows that love in my own way.

        🙂 Maybe what is missing isn’t appreciation of poetry but conversation about it. I know I have less time than I use to, with the book this is particularly true, but I think that can be fixed with groups like The Peaceful Pub (You can find them online in Google). In this group a poet can only post their poems if they comment on several others work. It sounds annoying to have to comment on other poems just to post your own, but it truly makes you slow down and notice other poets. You might consider it.

        Who are your favorite poets, by the way?

        I’m a fan of Emily Dickenson, Robert Frost, Dylan Thomas, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Edwin Markham.

        1. Yes, I think it would be nice if people still discussed poetry (and literature in general) more often. But TV is much more popular now.

          Sometimes I write posts discussing other bloggers’ work, usually a piece of poetry, so maybe I should make more of a habit of that! Although its not in a group like you mention.

          Some of the poets I like are Shelley, Poe, Shakespeare, and Ono no Komachi. And Dickenson and Frost have such good poems that I would find it impossible not to like them!

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