3 thoughts on “Ghost Ships

  1. Elizabeth, I just noticed in your bio that you published “Orison” on Kindle. Congratulations! I went there but could not find one under your name. There are 3 candidates, one by Brandon Gray, another by A.R.Wilson and one by Daniel Swenson. Did you use a pseudonym?

    1. Mystery somewhat solved. If I follow the link from your website, I get there. But if I search on “Orison” or ‘E. M. Cook” at the Kindle store I do not get a hit for your book. You may want to get on Amazon over this. Their indexing is off.

      1. Hi John, thank you 🙂 I’m glad you could find it – and I’ll see if there is someone that I can contact at Amazon. Maybe I have to become a big shot before searching my name or title will bring it up!

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