Parallel Outlet: 11

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Sleep slower, and maybe you’ll notice curious things. Be wary of using words like “indefinitely” – this comes with a poem:

Baby, I’ll crawl to you

across the vast mirage of time and space

should misfortune befall time itself

or the laws of physics break

It has been nearly a year since I first read the post “sleep slowly”, and the four lines of that poem still come back to me.

Beer Turned Into Words, aside from having a name I wish I had thought of for my blog, has long been one of my favourite reads because of its unusual, amusing, and often stirring content.

When I read “sleep slowly” I am transported to a sci-fi world but still thinking yes, perhaps one day in my dreams I could see hieroglyphs or the larvae of meaning. And when I wake up I will either forget this, or put it into writing. More sci-fi writing that feels half awake and half asleep.

In the second part of this post, I find it interesting how the warning against tossing about grand concepts such as “indefinitely” contrasts with the romantic atmosphere of the poem that succeeds it.

It seems like reason tells us no – but the heart still wants to say yes.

This is only my interpretation, however. You’ll have to read it for yourself 🙂


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