I met her in a soup tureen

Inventing chemoreceptors

Her glare almost gave me compound fractures

But I told her we should go for a dip

For some reason she humoured me

And then we lived happily on the sill together

Peace was the last thing on our minds

And food somewhere near second

Until she remembered herself and asked

“Shouldn’t you be more necessary to my happiness?”

But I alone was never necessary to anyone

She took her honey crumbs, and flew away

13 thoughts on “Dating

  1. This is so unusual for you, and a triumph in a different way than your other great writing. Well, well done!

    1. This made me smile, thank you, John! Not sure how I ended up daydreaming about two flies going on a date but I’m glad it produced something worthwhile

      1. AND so worth it! “But I alone was never necessary to anyone/She took her honey crumbs, and flew away” is just a wonderful pair of lines!

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