The bottom

We have complained of various things

Difficult to conceptualize

In fact, there is no bottom to anything

That is what the mind cannot accept

Not relativity or infinity

Not birth or death

But the fantasy that a drawer

Holds forks despite gravity

There is no bottom to anything

A vase, a finer illusion than a soul

And your bowl will never empty

Just the same as it began

7 thoughts on “The bottom

  1. Love this and I keep coming back to it.
    Been thinking on it for days.
    Afraid I don’t find it frightening at all. Thrilling, perhaps, yes, but not frightening.
    Reminded me of something from the Principia Discordia:

    “Both order and disorder are man made concepts and are artificial divisions of pure chaos, which is a level deeper than is the level of distinction making.”

    Are you familiar? If not I think you would dig it for sure.

    1. Thanks for reading this, I’m flattered to know that you came back to it too! I can see both sides – frightening or thrilling, but I also think it could simply be commonplace… Something to forget about, like the fact that our atoms aren’t connected.

      I was not familiar with the Principia Discordia – but I will be soon 🙂 It looks fascinating

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