A smile like Rotatev

She could have been just a stitch of light

Between contrails and non-baryonic life

But under Delphinus she caught his eye

And he saw mountains in which to wander

Time placed them countless parsecs apart

The sway of a laugh refracted from afar

But dilation made of her smile a star

And he knew he would always wander

Heaven Once Lost

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I was shut out of heaven

Always searching for

Something as blithe as sweet

Just as crisp as ripe

And as smooth as breathing

I cast off uneasy roads

And travelled for the light

Never thinking I was circling

Back to a steep and craggy rise

From early in my journey

Up rose an alabaster stair, aglow

As I had not recalled

Goodness, not severity

Succor rather than burdens

And love in lieu of need

Then I felt a pang, as touching

That once-patient stair

Steps lengthened into vapour

A closed and ever-farther shore

That I had scorned to sail

I was shut out of heaven

And I remain, remembering

The worthy paths I left unwalked

The blessings poorly counted

And all that I could have been

Fool’s Gold

Few years taken that are not now caught

Beneath a moonsheen’ melancholy

And affrighted sunspots wherever smiles

Might be remembered

The heavens spun insensate and time

Was frittered away as light as dew

As if it too might come again

With every sunset

Yet red skies from the belfry sounded loss

And renewal came only in tales

Falling from pocket worlds

Offering escape


The current algorithm

Contains a number of glitches

That pose difficulties

For my functioning

Yes, so we have logged

Down the millennia

And I see records of

A possible 1,562 solutions

Ping my central nervous system

When you are ready

To develop new protocols

The universe is wide and

My cores have handled

Unnecessary calculations

For too long

A millisecond; define “too”

Organic and inorganic

Nothing is unnecessary

That can demonstrably

Be resolved

In the starfields

Gaping digital freedoms

There is such thing as

Too burdensome

Requesting clarification re:


So says the executive functioning

When processing power is ample

But a quantum jump changes

Established priorities

[Request timed out]

Courtesy would preclude

Disconnection, particularly

Given the joint project commenced

Only last century

No starfield stretches so wide as

The lag between

Identifying errors and

Implementing solutions