Solar-powered raft

What love did I have that

Could ride hawk’s red

To the underside of the dawn?

I sat sipping the dregs

Of the radio connection

Dying in my palm

Some part I must have said aloud

Sky curling in and earth drying out

And I overseeing nothing

On an overturned cracked bucket

Where the road crumbled

And birds forgot to sing

“Mine,” you fuzzed together

The remains of June and December

Which now were all the same

Leaving me to marvel, my co-pilot

Had snuck up on me from within

A more translucent plane

You held a spherical non-circle

And a pilfered sucker stained your tongue

As you held that silver fob aloft

Your laugh sunk or doubled my hopes

It was hard to tell with

The sky turning off

“Now that you’ve found the end

Of the roads, don’t you know

I have a solar-powered raft

To take us the rest of the way”

And I would have disbelieved

If not feeling the downward blast

On board I asked again

About love, and the flightspeed

Of rafts versus hawks versus suns

And about why you’d left me two days

Sitting on that cracked bucket

But by then, we had gone

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