Where we last vacationed

Photo wallpaper items, furnished, attic, Light in the Attic

They had come for the morphology

Of an old-new city down to its heart

For the light intensity and ground temperature

For the bass of urban noise and art

The attic rooms that I had chosen,

Their pictures aspiring to a hotel

Had pleased in price only to disappoint

Age gathering on sills

But I leave them to their complaints

On the other side of these thin walls

Mixed with debate as to where to dine

While I listened for your footfalls

They had come for the engineering

Of life and speed intertwined

But I came hoping to see your ghost

And sit together like old times


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One thought on “Where we last vacationed

  1. An enjoyable read, with a gentle wistfulness, and the lovely idea of sitting with the ghost. Nothing is perfect, but time spent complaining can feel like time lost, and sometimes slower is better.

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