The End Waiting (Lathe’s Vigil)

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Up on the bare heights

I hold a decaying light

And live off Parnassus’ airs

Each night before dawn

Each hope before haunt

From the moss to the bedrock below

Once there had been ripples

Of pine-perfumed streams

And of a sun,

Hanging none too near,

That summoned new springs

And kept pools cool and clear

Guarding cedar, and artemisia green

Yet but for the crowns

And caverns that so abound

In the mountains, impassive bone rising

I would no longer see

The stars ’round Mercury

Nor mourn the honeybee’s passing

Now breaths made of earth

And scraping feet against rock

Are a proof

Of nights born too thin

Whenever the east brightens,

Whenever the blood rises,

And old days become new-lost

Up on the bare heights

I grow towards the starlight

And close myself to the echoing moon

‘Mid constellations scattered

A vision can be conjured

Of moss, to again become trees


Preceded by The First and Last


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