A shrinking space

You’ve left me with a square-ish space

These four walls and hours baked

With horns, insults, demands pounding through.

The drywall can’t hold back the swell

So my space shrinks and time retells

The same stories of trippy, sleepless, broken nights.

Squished and squished and cut down some more

To fit your size, should I go out the door

Not daring to protect my face, my heart,

My lungs that cry to breathe apart

From the taunts that follow masks or medicine.

God forbid that we should be free

To live in peace or quiet or safety

That we should learn from what has kept us whole so far –

So scream and pollute and tear from me

My flags, my stoop, my grocery

And call it your freedom, duly crowned.

4 thoughts on “A shrinking space

  1. I’m sorry you have had to deal with all the negativity the past couple weeks. To help cheer you up, check out James Gordon’s new song, Crybaby Caravan.

  2. Deeply affecting poem.

    The walls seem to be shrinking and swelling at once in this abode. Brings to my mind Alice and her trial in Wonderland when she drinks the potion and grows too large for the White Rabbit’s house, her limbs splayed and sticking out of windows, her head bumping the ceiling.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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