Welcome to Serial Outlet, I will be your tour guide for the day. This blog does not have a unifying theme, so please keep your limbs inside the vehicle at all times. Prepare for bouts of poetry, prose, and non-fiction, and don’t forget your anime- and D&D-proofed umbrellas.

Elizabeth lives in Ottawa, Canada, and has escaped NEETdom to work as an economist. When not behaving like a staid tax analyst, she enjoys anime, reading, writing, video games, and certain varieties of alcohol (until she gets sleepy) and tea (to wake up again).



    1. Please excuse me for answering you so late – I think I got a bit too obsessed with the statistics of WordPress, and took a long hiatus! Thanks for asking after me πŸ™‚ Grad school has been tough but I’m over halfway done and hopefully I’ll gradually have more time to blog (and to do fun things in general…)

      I hope you’ve been keeping well!


      1. Great to hear from you Lily! I am delighted to hear from you. WP can be very distracting but it can provide a welcome respite at times from the more serious stuff in life! Patsy

  1. You have an incredibly beautiful written voice. When I have a moment to read more in the proper quiet head space I will be coming back to wander in your pages and poke you with friendly commentary

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