Welcome to Serial Outlet, I will be your tour guide for the day. This blog does not have a unifying theme, so please keep your limbs inside the vehicle at all times. Prepare for bouts of prose, poetry, and non-fiction, and don’t forget your anime- and D&D-proofed umbrellas.

Elizabeth lives in Ottawa, Canada, and has escaped NEETdom to work as an economist. When not behaving like a staid tax analyst, she enjoys anime, writing, reading, video games, and visiting with family.


    1. Please excuse me for answering you so late – I think I got a bit too obsessed with the statistics of WordPress, and took a long hiatus! Thanks for asking after me🙂 Grad school has been tough but I’m over halfway done and hopefully I’ll gradually have more time to blog (and to do fun things in general…)

      I hope you’ve been keeping well!


      1. Great to hear from you Lily! I am delighted to hear from you. WP can be very distracting but it can provide a welcome respite at times from the more serious stuff in life! Patsy

  1. You have an incredibly beautiful written voice. When I have a moment to read more in the proper quiet head space I will be coming back to wander in your pages and poke you with friendly commentary

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