Where naught was left

Where naught was left I stayed and sat

And remembered enough for two

Without past there is no present

And the future splits in two

You were there, yet naught was left

And but for the sounds and sighs

I might have been alone in that room

With no cause to bow and cry

Dimly lit

the summer diary in 2020 | Anime scenery, Scenery wallpaper, Landscape art

Only let me dip

Always, always

My cheek to your shoulder

My head to your neck

The night comes early and

The cupboards are barren

A blank clockface

No longer moving

Only stay, stay

Where the smells of yesterday

Linger longest



Somewhere past Cornwall

“Send her to the whippershpon”

Said the cat beneath the peas

Batting white and purple blossoms

Jupiter passing on the breeze

“We don’t need her kind here –

Yarn-cutters and bird-lovers tall –

If Gravity were not fallible

She would not have birthed them all”

Held between the bulldogs

An abundance of meows

Were all that fell from my lips

And I was led off by the snout

With Althea

You were my song in summers past

Where the bracken thinned to white

Of Queen Anne’s lace over gorges fast

Against age and speech alike

The rocks fell into canyons whose

Every fingertip were knew to climb

Up to the nests of red hawks loosed

To heaven’s twilit design

Our paths were ever lighted by

Your head of strawberry gold

That brought us home through nights and winters

Through forests thick, and rivers cold

We have lost those vistas sweeping

Where sand and sun danced intricacies

Strange and fanciful as daydreams

Stranger still in memory

And your hair fades to darker now

More of the earth than gold

Yet at times we do remember

And still the stories hold

We knew our way


The sun remembers you

Slopes that were tufted, swaying

To the tune of one farmhouse,

One farmhouse or two

With sway-backed beam barns

This road was unborn then

And trees wandered to tracks

Bereft of trains

Where that one other road

Gravel, held houses in bends

Of dust and autumn leaves

The snow under our feet

Is no longer

And our laughter in the wilderness

From school to stove-side

Has been painted over

By roofs and asphalt unending