The Charmer by Evenlight

A soldier hurrying to his King

Had his horse fall lame

And seeking help he was told

The charmer might give him aid

So he went into a dell of ferns

Where lay the charmer’s house

Knocked, and there he waited

Until an aged woman came out

He touched his badge in salute

And offered generous pay

But she said she could do nothing

And began to turn away

“You cannot, or will not?”

The soldier did then demand

“My King can surely pay your price”

Yet the woman shook her head

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The Wizard of Sunspring Marches

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The Wizard of Sunspring Marches

At dawn every solstice day

Took a windcart over the Glassea

And tied on her Cloak of Fae

Her boots sharpened small and cloven

Pricking the lavender shore

And her eyebrows blossomed bluebells

Like the newborn nymphs of yore

She left her windcart, trailing

Unbound tresses of silver weeds

And she floated up the Hills of Fasting

To the Glade Above the Trees

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The Queen of Nineteen Trebles

Speed Painting: Medieval Castle by NatMonney

The Queen of Nineteen Trebles

Over Dwyrenland held sway

And Heimlenholm and Ruddland

And many more to date

Yet, “My kingdom for a sceptre”

She oftentimes would say

And none did understand her,

So grand as she was vague.

For she had a crown of moonstones,

And the mountain leopard’s cape

And in her right hand firmly

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Were she mine, then I would twine

Her ropes of pearls in salty swirls

Her charms of ink in dangling rings

And her spells of sighs in sparkling guise

And whisper words of dreamland girt

By chimes of windless, ringing rhymes,

By chests of lockless, burnished depths,

And by mirrors made in hands of jade

And were she mine, I would design

Deep hills of moory, misty thrills

Gold glades of timeless, nymphly shade

Whole worlds in teeming, softened seeming –

So were she mine, I would not pine

For endless tales and hooded vales,

For secret doors and distant shores,

Nor for enchantments lacking

Elizabeth Cook, 2014

The Emerald Knight

The young King of Scarlet Castle

Sent his beloved companions

On a quest ’round Emerald Castle

For a noble bride’s affections


They came upon a stoic knight

And asked him for the way

But clad in plates of malachite

The statue had naught to say


Then they saw a graceful knight

His cloak of aventurine

But asking if the road was right

His reply was wind through leaves


So they searched the kingdom wide

Over verdant hills and vales

But no word of aid did they find

Among knights or stones or gales


These companions of the Scarlet King

Had little hope when they came

To an arch at roadside standing

As if an Emerald Knight to frame


“Sir Knight, we seek a maiden fair

A princess of your prosperous land

Our Lord would beg, our Lord would dare

Place this ring upon her hand!”


At this the Knight bent his head

And the ring did he long consider

“A lovely jewel, but why, good men

Did you not bestow it yonder?”


He turned around and pointed back

Along the road they’d traveled

And at their confusion, she gave a laugh

As her Emerald hair unraveled

© 2012 Elizabeth Cook