Violet III

violet-evergarden-anime-girls-violet-evergarden-anime-water-wallpaper-preview (1)

She has

Always been empty

Of aught but herself

She built her own airships and

Sailed westerlies most calm

The interchange of futures

Distant marks upon her charts

And periapts of the exiled

Things she eagerly lost

That said


Her tailwinds cannot keep

For a beetle in a prism said

There is nothing to be

Without being

And so the drifting vision

Composed of stories

Near to flesh

The rudder of imagination that

Has been mainstay and reflex

She will drift to earth

And leave it

Where memory grows

Dearer than truth

Believing grass will cover sails

And new flowers bloom


Violet II


Now eviternity sounds

Although I would stay alone

Where the warm impression

Of company has yet to fade

My friends I do not know

From one EEG to none

From one fear to one obsession

From one night hawk to the day

But I could bring a new round

Each glass to their taste

And I could tell in summer that

The road might take us east

I may previse a world

With scale and mode all changed

But I won’t forget how I knew them

And knew them never deeply


Always watching over you


Island mountain sea

Image result for ocean at night with stars

Follow me down inside the island

Where the emerald will burst open

Galaxies pulsing unfolding

Setting Earth above a mountain

Trees at the bottom of the sea

Drag me down inside the mountain

Living lightly and rushing loving

Down cave streams to the island

Spinning stars in that rock ceiling

Reflection on a forever sea

Image from gerald flock


Clubs were a thing of my 20th  year, horribly outmoded now that I am a whole 3 years older. But last night I did something irresponsible.

Instead of continuing to write I went to a skeezy student bar with some friends “just to watch the hockey game”. As fortune had it, I was halfway through a beer when the game ended, and as often happens when people try to coordinate finishing up a pint, it took one or two more pints to get it right.

The skeezy bar had been chosen by one of my acquaintances, whose amazing self-centredness and inability to read social cues makes him the butt monkey who does not realize he is a monkey. He recently got a girlfriend, and said girlfriend had been planning to go a FOAM PARTY at a nearby club after the hockey game, with her friends in tow.

I had been in Kingston 5 years without going to that club. Earlier I had said quite adamantly that I would never go to that club (a sentiment shared by my more socially erudite friends).

As you can probably tell, I was about to eat those words and discover what a foam party actually was. Continue reading “Bubbles”

Ba Laigh O

Boy, roll the dark and roll the stars

Inna a drum to sound out far

Bring ’em pouring white and charred

Them painted bodies under the stars

Ba laigh o you bend the beats

An’ break the floor down underneath

As I watch the flashin’ of your feet

Ba laigh o down underneath

Boy, jump the sea an’ raise your gun

Thunder voice to drum and drum

Throw bass bullets on your run

An’ inna yell the sea be stunned Continue reading “Ba Laigh O”

Parallel Outlet: 6

“…at last the band attained bright summit
looked past the clouds across the land
lives braided beaded into a unit
this strange and varied merry band”

The thought came immediately – I want to see this poem as a movie.

Sonnet in my Bonnet, by Brad at beyond the event horizon, tells of a band coming together. Perhaps because of the language I was transported back to the days of lyres and pipes and harps, and I arrived at a time and setting like the Lord of the Rings. Where like some medieval tale the improbable characters would meet, in a land that was still more natural than human. Continue reading “Parallel Outlet: 6”

Music in Other Languages

You would rather resurface from the mechanics of your mind and hear music, not feet moving on the floor above, or the noise of cars and the hum of appliances.

Music melts away background noise while you work and provides a nice setting when you come back to reality. Instrumental pieces are often ideal for creating this mental nest; Arrival to Earth, by Steve Jablonsky (Transformers), is an epic example. It builds slowly. Pieces by Glorie are also excellent, and less imposing.

However, I love to hear a singing voice, and music with lyrics can be distracting. You begin to sing along, or you “wonder what that word was” and open Google. But by listening in languages I don’t quite know (as I learned via Reddit and Wikipedia, French and Italian are very close indeed) or in a language that is totally alien, I have found a solution.

It may be obvious – listening to a singer whom you cannot understand fills a desire for lyrics while lessening their distraction. Music in other languages has also introduced me to melodies which I wouldn’t have encountered if only listening to English music.

Christopher Tin’s album, Calling all Dawns, begins with the Grammy award-winning Civilization IV theme, Baba Yetu, and contains songs in 12 different languages.

Each one is a unique orchestral masterpiece, and there may be a song for you. Though Baba Yetu is the most famous, I especially enjoy the movement of dawn. It moves seamlessly between Hebrew, Farsi, Sanskrit, and Maori, the last song echoing Baba Yetu.

Some other artists I enjoy are

  1. Sissel – various languages
  2. Riya – Japanese
  3. Harihara Ayaka – Japanese
  4. Runrig – Gaelic
  5. Andrey Vinogradov – Russian

Swahili tile

From a page with the Swahili lyrics to Baba Yetu.


The Word in Verse

The word in verse does run down

All the rivers and the winds

The tale in cadence does alight

To eager ears from lips

A whisper, a rumor, a story, a myth

Traverses the world with ease

No haste but nature in its growth

For Rhythm lends good speed

A whisper, a rumor, a story, a myth

To stir old hearts and minds

The word in verse does run down

All the rivers and the winds