Parallel Outlet: 4

“A Charade of Dreams” sounds so whimsical, doesn’t it?

The phrase seems especially apt after nights of strange dreams, when, walking along a street your mind can become preoccupied with oddest remnants of your nighttime journeys. When you look up and see a person passing in the other direction with honest surprise.

Surprise at being on the sidewalk rather than somewhere far away, then perhaps surprise at not being alone on the sidewalk…

A Charade of Dreams with lighter feet,
Then I ever did intend to meet,
Stopped me on a walk tonight,
To lament the passing of the light…

This poem, “A Charade of Dreams” at Life in Gloaming, makes me think of such walks when your thoughts are far from your feet. There is a sense of solitude and of being somewhere between reality and the land of sleep.

Maybe the charade of dreams which the narrator encounters is pure introspection – or maybe that’s the space cadet in me assuming things. But I do know the rhymes are wonderful!

9 thoughts on “Parallel Outlet: 4

  1. Gosh, reading this I was suddenly reminded of my dream from last night, and then I went into it, seeing all those details that you would normally forget. Spooky. Great post!

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