The Emerald Knight

The young King of Scarlet Castle

Sent his beloved companions

On a quest ’round Emerald Castle

For a noble bride’s affections


They came upon a stoic knight

And asked him for the way

But clad in plates of malachite

The statue had naught to say


Then they saw a graceful knight

His cloak of aventurine

But asking if the road was right

His reply was wind through leaves


So they searched the kingdom wide

Over verdant hills and vales

But no word of aid did they find

Among knights or stones or gales


These companions of the Scarlet King

Had little hope when they came

To an arch at roadside standing

As if an Emerald Knight to frame


“Sir Knight, we seek a maiden fair

A princess of your prosperous land

Our Lord would beg, our Lord would dare

Place this ring upon her hand!”


At this the Knight bent his head

And the ring did he long consider

“A lovely jewel, but why, good men

Did you not bestow it yonder?”


He turned around and pointed back

Along the road they’d traveled

And at their confusion, she gave a laugh

As her Emerald hair unraveled

© 2012 Elizabeth Cook

35 thoughts on “The Emerald Knight

    1. Thanks, I had so much fun writing this one. I think that for more and more girls these days the traditional fairy tales can be lacking, so I wanted to tease that a little. And of course there’s the old lesson that you’ll miss a lot if you only see what you expect!

      I appreciate you visiting and commenting!

    1. Thank you Paul! I really look forward to your comments, you’re very encouraging. It’s funny, there are other poems I like more but I know I had the most fun writing this one


  1. Echoing the well-deserved praise here, your poem travels beautifully through the metaphysical and mythical, with teases of Tarot, here and there. Poems of the quest are great fun to write! (And thank you for dropping by at Oceantics.) 😉

  2. Great poem. It “feels” like it could have been written long ago. Love your descriptive lines and verse. I am also old fashioned in that I really like poems that rhyme and have cadence to them.

    Well done!

  3. Amazing! Absolutely love it! I do a poetry blog in addition to Arthurian Romances. My poems are a more personal nature compared to the stuff I write about the Arthurian legends. Feel free to check it out if you like. It’s

    1. Aw thank you, John! I should get back to writing more poetry. I have actually been very busy (new house, major fixer-upper) and have been neglecting writing in general…

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