Month: November 2012

At Last

I swear, I can prove I’ve captured

The most elusive of creatures

Lo and behold,

A thesis.



Man of the wind, my Ageha

Who in seeing sees from one

A jewel of grey as owl’s wing

From shoulder to skies above


His beauty clad in nomad’s blue

Of the hearts without hearths

He speaks as cruel as he is kind

For his gaze goes sweeping far


He with his splendid, silky halo

A veil bright as summer sun

He has known chains, my Ageha

And his smile is brittle-spun

Still he bends strong and fine

Winter fox in gauze and gold

A magnet in the fire’s glow

His secrets held untold


And in knowing of his end

He is not mine to touch or sway

Man of the wind, my Ageha

On the wind carried away.


Tags: Anime, Tamura Yumi, BASARA (Tamura Yumi), Ageha (BASARA), Sarasa (BASARA), Kagero (BASARA), Shinbashi

© 2012 Elizabeth Cook

Inspired by Basara, image from zerochan

Fairy Tale

She sits with a tilted hip

In the posture of romance

Practiced down to fingertips

Through literature and dance

She thumbs pages in her head

Adopting Sleeping Beauty

Or lips imagined to be red

In a Snow White fantasy

And by turns she will believe

Her hair brushes the floor

Rapunzel in her tower keep

Awaiting him once more (more…)

Anniversary of Winter

A year and a half, count me the days

Let them touch my fingertips before you blow them away

Though you cannot, I would go back and stay;

Or take something from then, if not to remain

A year and a half, count me the tides

That washed us in anger and washed us in pride

The waters that have and will, many times,

Beat me into the beaches under evening skies (more…)