The Girl in Summer

Stayed by your call from up the lane

I linger beneath the play of boughs

Until, breathless, my side you gain

All bright disdain for a warm brow

In your laugh you call up the breezes

And in your tread, seeds of content

Thus unconscious your spirit teases

My own staid and steady bent

Then I dare not look at you, although

You are all that is nimble and lovely

For to dampen your sweet summer glow

Would mark me most unmanly

Along this lane, let me walk apart

And speak soberly lest you divine

The longing written upon my heart

Perhaps betrayed within my eye

© 2012 Elizabeth Cook

Image from lesliestones

31 thoughts on “The Girl in Summer

  1. Lily,

    I saw that you liked my poem titled “Tree Bark”. I came to have a look at your blog, and this poem is really something. I enjoyed reading it. Also, my name is Lily, too! My real name is Lillian, but everyone including my parents have called me Lily since I was a little girl. I think it’s cool when you find someone that has your name, especially when it’s more of a unique one, and we share an interest in writing! Anyway, thanks for liking my poem!

    1. I think the line “Her towel licks it up” is what really drew me in! And thank you 🙂

      That’s neat – you have a better claim to the name though, my full name is Elizabeth! Amazing what can happen on WordPress


  2. You make gentle contrasts work very well here Lily and lexically dress the most radiant stage to act out the scene. Delightfully written.

    1. Thank you very much, I was thinking about 18th-19th century literature and the gentle contrasts in their romances; at least, in comparison to the way our romances are portrayed today!


    1. Thank you 🙂 And while I’m sure there’s some reason why lots of people like the postmodern, I’ve never really gotten it… Maybe never will.


    1. Unless, in case; it implies trying to prevent something. He just doesn’t want her to know 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Hope this helps.


  3. hi Lily
    ‘In your laugh you call up the breezes’

    i love your poem, especially this line. very evocative imagery.
    it fuels my imagination on this cold winter day.

    thanks for liking my poem. i wasn’t yet prepared for primetime,
    just started importing some of my writing and fiddling with the
    templates and such. i ‘followed’ your blog and will check back
    often, please keep writing. you have a wonderful way with words.


    1. Thank you! I am glad that part of my poem could be cheerful on a winter day, that’s a lovely compliment 🙂

      I wasn’t ready when I started either – just have to go for it! I really appreciate you following me, I hope that I can continue to be entertaining.

      Good luck blogging! I will come by to check it out!


      1. thank you Lily and you are so right about just going for it, often too much thinking gets in the way. 😉

        as an ex painter, one lesson my favorite professor continued to tell me was sketch, sketch and sketch some more, which in writing terms i translated to write, write and continue writing. not everything will make sense to anyone else, sometimes it just needs to be written.

    1. I personally have a spotty record at concealing what I feel.

      Those lines are lovely, thank you for leaving such an original comment! I really appreciate your visit 🙂


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