If only to slip through

This curving wall of glass

Wherein life turns and spills

Spills down the warming glass

And my wish beheld is granted

In pressing palms pressing on

Past the gleaming barrier

Made pliable and soft

I stand under the torrent

To breathe the passing sights

To marvel and to swift forget

How I watched from the outside

For I have gained the hourglass

Where shimmering sands fall

To bathe my feet, my hips, my neck

‘Til I do not breathe at all

Copyright Elizabeth Cook 2013

36 thoughts on “Hourglass

        1. Jasmine is my favourite Disney princess, because she has a tiger!! Not that there’s much stock to be put in Disney princesses, but I also love her floofy pants and I have a secret desire to wear a belly top.

          Also, Robin Williams is a funny genie…


    1. That’s wonderful of you to say, Brad, thank you very much! I actually didn’t like the results of this poem when I finished it, but when I looked at it later I thought it might be worth posting 🙂


  1. Lily, these words are ::::transcendant:::: i will return to this poem often. i heard a song today for the first time and it touched me as the movie did you. 🙂

    thank you for the likes and keep the light.

    1. Wow, thank you very much! That is such a big compliment. What song did you hear?

      It’s always a pleasure to visit you blog, thank you for the same!


      1. you are most welcome, sometimes words instatntly find their way into my heart, yours just did yesterday. 🙂

        the song is Bluebeard by Cocteau Twins. her voice, her mannerisms, dreamlike melody, she is a poet as well. i’m way partial to female voices, especially female chorus and harmonies.

        1. I also like female voices, probably because they are generally a bit easier for me to sing along to 😛 I hadn’t heard the Cocteau Twins before, I really like how smooth and sweet the song is


          1. i’m so glad you liked it, i loved the dreamlike quality, it really fueled my imagination.i almost always have a specific song matching the mood of whatever i’m writing, playing in my headphones. it’s always female voices too.

            1. I listen to many different genres but a dreamlike quality in songs is wonderful in all of them 🙂 What a great source of inspiration!


  2. the interesting part is how you end it. it kinda reminds me as if it could be an urn for the end of time. though, it’s not necessarily a finality there. but one could look at it from the muse standpoint and see the poem breath all the way down to the end and then it stops breathing….:)

    1. I was thinking that vibrant as life is, amazing as it must look from the outside, in order to live you must die.

      I like your thought about the muse, I have a fascination with that figment of Greek mythology. Thank you very much for visiting and commenting!


  3. This is magical. I think of days on the beach as a child, picking up a fistful of sand and slowly letting it dribble on my legs, getting another fistful and dirbbling on my arms. and then rolling over to shake it off and rolling in the sand and then making a sand angel. Thanks for bringing back a lovely memory from far away.

    1. I didn’t get to beaches very much, but I surely got covered in sand in the playgrounds. Never thought to make a sand angel though!

      I’m glad to have brought back the memory, thank you for visiting and leaving this lovely comment!


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