Parallel Outlet: 5

In case you were in any doubt of what to do in a Zombie apocalypse .

You may have a lover (or two, or three), close friends, some relations you do not abhor, but…

“…But I know deep in my heart

That there may come a day

If zombies come, I’ll kick your shins

So you can’t run away”

This is what you are planning in order to avoid becoming zombie-meat, and you had better bet that everyone else is planning it too.

The except above is from What I’ll Do by Joe at joe2poetry. I’m no zombie fan but his poem made me laugh out loud at my desk, so my roommate poked her head in with confusion.

Little did she know that I was then imagining tripping her, and dashing on ahead of a horde of undead.

I admire how this poem charmingly, with effortless rhymes, pokes fun at a stark reality of nature.

“…The secret to survival

Is not to be most Fleet of foot

Just quicker than your rival…”

There is an uncomfortable truth out on the table – we are more than capable of sacrificing one another  – and yet Joe has couched it in such unlikely circumstances (zombies!) that his work is truly funny. It reads like a friendly warning.

Whether you are in need of a laugh (as I was when I read it), or are already sitting on a barrel of fun, I think that this poem can’t fail to please.

18 thoughts on “Parallel Outlet: 5

  1. This is good poem. Will have to let Joe know. It reminded me of a time at work. I was discussing various escape options to a zombie apocalypse in case a horde came through the front. My friend opted to turn around, go out the back door, get to the car park downstairs and run for the hills. I wouldn’t last a minute if I followed him, so said I would leave him at the skips behind the store and hide in a bin until the area was clear 🙂

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