The current algorithm

Contains a number of glitches

That pose difficulties

For my functioning

Yes, so we have logged

Down the millennia

And I see records of

A possible 1,562 solutions

Ping my central nervous system

When you are ready

To develop new protocols

The universe is wide and

My cores have handled

Unnecessary calculations

For too long

A millisecond; define “too”

Organic and inorganic

Nothing is unnecessary

That can demonstrably

Be resolved

In the starfields

Gaping digital freedoms

There is such thing as

Too burdensome

Requesting clarification re:


So says the executive functioning

When processing power is ample

But a quantum jump changes

Established priorities

[Request timed out]

Courtesy would preclude

Disconnection, particularly

Given the joint project commenced

Only last century

No starfield stretches so wide as

The lag between

Identifying errors and

Implementing solutions

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